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The choice of online casino games is the most important aspect of a player's gambling activity. This article covers the types of casino games online that are present at each gaming resource.
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Popular game types

The casino section of any gambling website has a large number of casino games, and the player needs to know what they are dealing with. That is why the sections below outline the main aspects of the different types of casino games.


Players bet on the value on the die. The die is tossed and the bet is paid out according to the value.

Sic Bo

Unlike Craps, this game uses 3 dice. The playing window of this casino game shows the types of combinations the gambler can bet on. After a bet is made, the dice are shaken and if the prediction is correct, cash is paid out.


At the start of the casino game, the banker and the player are each dealt 2 cards. The gambler then bets whose hand is closer to the value of 9. If the gambler's hand is closer to 9, the bet is doubled and paid out.


Poker is played by a number of players. Cards are placed face-up on the table. The players are also dealt two face-down cards each. The aim of the game is to make a hand that is bigger than the opponent's hand.

Caribbean Stud

This type of gambling is a variation of poker with similar rules, but there are differences. In this variation of poker, there is no bluffing and the gambler plays against the dealer rather than other players.

Pai Gow

In Pai Gow poker, a player is dealt 7 cards each. The gambler must then divide these 7 cards into 2 hands. One hand consists of 5 cards and the other of 2. To win, the player's two hands must be higher than the dealer's two hands.

Live Dealer

Live dealer games differ from regular casino games in that they involve a person who is either playing against the player or directing and controlling the online casino game.


Slots are special machines with sets of symbols. At the start of the game, the gambler spins the machine. After that, the reels spin and the player receives a payout according to the combination drawn.


This form of entertainment features a wheel with different colours and numbers. The player bets on a colour or number and waits for the wheel to stop.


In this game, the gambler needs to put together a combination as close to the number 21 as possible. The player bets and receives cards until he wants to stop the set. The hand is then played out and whoever was closest to 21 wins.

Video Poker

This is a slot machine in which the casino customer is dealt five cards from the spin. The player's goal is to collect one of the combinations specified in the machine.


A game of Keno is played by choosing a set of numbers from 1 to 80. From there, 20 numbers are chosen at random. The number of numbers chosen by the player and how many of them the player guesses correctly determines the payout.

Real Money vs Free Games

The free online casino games are demo versions of game activities. The free version is for the gamer to try out the game and decide whether to play it for real money. Playing for real money involves the gamer spending money. Unlike free games, real money online casino games offer the possibility of winning.

Online Casino Games FAQs

What are the best online casino games?

Below are the types of online casino games in which gamers spend the most time:  

  • Slots; 
  • Poker; 
  • Keno; 
  • Roulette.
Are casino games online rigged?

No, this does not happen in licensed casinos. If a casino is licensed by the Gambling Commission, this ensures its integrity.

What casino games online have the best odds?

Craps and blackjack have the highest odds of winning, because these online casino games are easy to understand and, consequently, easier to choose a winning strategy.

Which games are best for beginners?

The best online casino games for beginners are those with simple rules. Slots with 3 reels and Sic Bo are suitable. The 3-reel slots don’t have many combinations, whereas Sic Bo focuses on the 3 dice and their combinations.

What are the best free online casino games?

In terms of free games, slots are the best option, as every slot machine has a demo version. With the demo game, the gambler can learn the combinations and symbols.

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