Who We Are

Innovation Park at Queen's University is a community of innovators and specialists where academia, industry, government and not-for-profits work together to cultivate ideas, identify and transform technological discoveries, and propel innovations into the marketplace. With support from a contribution agreement (2014-2019) from the federal government, the university and numerous partners are co-located at 945 Princess Street, and are advancing the Innovation Park mandate by playing a leadership role in the design and delivery of incubation and acceleration programs and services for, and to, high-potential entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs in Eastern Ontario. For information regarding incubation programs and services, please click here.

The Office of Partnerships and Innovation is located at 945 Princess Street. This Department and its Units facilitate interaction with and collaborations among the university, industry, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs, and not-for-profit partners. In addition to advancing research collaborations between the university and industry, and providing the intellectual property and commercial expertise that are needed to advance discoveries/technologies to the marketplace, the Office works closely with startups, accelerates access to university resources and talent, and provides matchmaking and embedded management services to help eligible, early stage companies make valuable connections. For more information, contact the Research Partnerships Unit.


Queen’s launched Innovation Park in 2008 to encourage interaction among the participants in the research and innovation ecosystem and to foster commercialization and entrepreneurial activity in Kingston and region. With initial support from the provincial government and with the university as the catalyst, Innovation Park emerged as a technology development hub at 945 Princess Street and an important vehicle that helps to advance university-industry interaction, create vibrant research and innovation forums, drive and accelerate technology entrepreneurs and startups, and facilitate business retention, growth and attraction. As of July 2016, leadership of and responsibility for the multi-tenant facility at 945 Princess Street, which enabled the Innovation Park co-location model to unfold and flourish, has shifted from the public sector (the university) to the private sector (GGTC, the current owner of the facility). For information regarding leasing of space in the GGTC, please contact George Economo.