Please note that not all companies listed are located at Innovation Park.

Queen's University - Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships offers a full spectrum of services to support our tenants’ research endeavours and business objectives, including:
Matching R&D talent to align your business’ needs with our research expertise
Identifying collaboration and research funding opportunities
Providing guidance and support for proposal and grant-writing
Creating industry-student engagement programs through Queen’s Faculty of Applied Science

Queen's University Applied Sustainability Research Group

Not a Tenant

 This research group focuses on applied sustainability, which is the application of science and innovation to ensure a better quality of life for all, now and into the future, in a just and equitable manner, whilst living within the limits of supporting ecosystems.  The group includes students with a variety of research interests working under the guidance of Dr. Joshua Pearce.

Queen's University Energy and Power Electronics Applied Research Laboratory

Queen’s University Energy and Power Electronics Applied Research Laboratory (ePEARL), Praveen Jain, Director. Research interests include optimization of the use of electrical energy (high frequency ballasts for high intensity discharge lamps and compact fluorescent light bulbs, improvements in grid connected inverters for wind, solar and hybrid systems) and energy efficiency improvements from the integration of power architecture in integrated circuits (Power Application Specific ICs).


Wouldn't it be cool if all the events at Queen's were listed in one place, easy to find? is the only website that lists local arts, academic, and social events within walking distance of Queen's University. Our mission is to make Kingston more accessible to students, and to make Queen's University campus more accessible to residents.

Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow

Install renewable energy equipment and early consumer adoption of that technology.

Royal Military College

RMC is the only federal institution in Canada with degree-granting power. RMC was the first college in Canada to train engineers and is renowned for the high calibre of its engineering curriculum in particular. The College offers undergraduate and degree programs in chemistry, physics, chemical and materials engineering, chemical and material science, civil engineering, environmental engineering and environmental science. The College also offers undergraduate and master’s degrees in business administration.

Sabeta IP

Not a Tenant

Sabeta IP is an intellectual property boutique firm which specializes in preparing, filing, and prosecuting patent and trade-mark applications. Our key areas of patent expertise include communication systems, computer hardware, software, Internet technologies, business methods, electronics, mechanical devices, medical devices, and clean technology.

Scent Trunk


Scent Trunk revolutionizes men’s cologne.  Through advanced analytics, they find the perfect scent for you and ship them to your door. 

Scott Environmental Group

Founded and based in Kingston, SEG provides state of the art waste management and plant maintenance services across south eastern Ontario. The company incubates and commercializes unique environmental technologies as it provides a variety of services including emergency spill response, site remediation, hazardous waste management, testing and monitoring, and other specialized services.

Sensient Food Colors Canada

Sensient Technologies, the world’s leading manufacturer of colors and other specialty chemicals, maintains its Canadian manufacturing plant for food dyes, pigments and natural colors in Kingston.

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