Please note that not all companies listed are located at Innovation Park.

Andola Fibres

Andola Fibres recycles nylon, polyester and plastic wastes using condux densification, extrusion and granulation processes.



Atria is a motivational platform that lets you raise money for charity through exercise. Atria is providing a means for millennials to become more engaged with charity by doing what they already love to do - use their phones and go to the gym. Add purpose to your movement by working out for a charitable cause. Compete with other users on the platform to see who can raise the most money for charity. 


Aureus Solutions Inc.

Aureus Solutions Inc. is a Kingston environmental consulting company. Principals: Sam Rogers, Ted Bailey. Energy efficiency is a part of their overall service of implementing technologies in an innovative way. Their experience includes green building and policy consultations with the Canadian military.

A leading expert in the implementation and use of water and wastewater treatment plant optimization programs. The company offers expertise in the areas of operations, design, maintenance, management and finance.

Aztech Associates Inc.

Conservation and Demand Management: Aztech in-home display connecting wirelessly with smart meter technology to monitor home electricity usage, embedded systems and wireless remote monitoring.

BIOCAP Canada Foundation

Queen’s University was the birthplace of the BIOCAP Canada Foundation, an internationally-recognized national research foundation that helped lay the groundwork for the transformation to a sustainable bioeconomy in Canada. For ten years, BIOCAP provided an innovative and effective model for building partnerships and integrating research insights with science and investment policy. While the organization officially closed in 2008, universities, businesses and governments across the country continue to build on BIOCAP’s legacy.

Biomedical Computing Group

A newly formed research group in the School of Computing at Queen’s University, the Biomedical Computing Group will build on Queen’s world-renowned expertise in computational biology and medical informatics.


Bioniche is a leading biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Belleville, 75 km west of Kingston. The company engages in the research, development, manufacture, and commercialization of human and animal health products and technologies.


Biosystemix provides cutting-edge solutions in advanced computational analysis and predictive model development for personalized medicine, therapeutic discovery and disease genomics.

BKIN Technologies

BKIN Technologies is a Queen’s-based company developing next-generation assessment systems to quantify sensorimotor performance and behavior and support basic and clinical research on motor function.

BmDodo Strategic Design

BmDodo Strategic Design is an award-winning graphic design company that specializes in brand and integrated communication design. We deliver effective design solutions that produce tangible return on investment for each client’s unique situation and goals. We realize the importance of developing a strong partnership with our clients. Our strategic thinking, research and analysis is key to achieving effective solutions with great return on investment for each client’s specific situation.


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